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Philanthropy meets Innovation

Shane was always destined to leave an amazing legacy however it extends far beyond the cricket pitch. His dedication to philanthropy has left an indelible mark on countless lives, showcasing his true spirit. We are devoted to upholding and furthering this legacy by actively championing causes that make a difference.

In addition to our "SWL Test Match Series," we remain dedicated to raising awareness and funds for select charitable endeavours. This commitment reflects Shane's core values.

The Shane Warne Legacy is a unique blend of philanthropy and innovation. Unlike conventional charitable organisations, we operate as a strategic business, utilising Shane's intellectual property to drive philanthropic initiatives.

Our distinctive approach involves forming partnerships with corporations to provide services or raise awareness for charitable causes. Unlike typical charities relying solely on donations, we establish mutually beneficial collaborations with corporations to create a positive impact.

In our initial endeavour, the Shane Warne Heart Checks, we do not solicit or raise funds from the public. Instead, our modest operational costs are covered by partners who share our commitment to making a difference.

As we move forward, if we seek donations from the public such donated funds will be directed to the nominated charities. We prioritise transparency and accountability, aiming to maximise the impact of every contribution. Our structure ensures that every donated dollar directly supports the causes we endorse.

Currently, we support the following charities, each with an explanation of why.

Every donation is made directly to the nominated charity providing you with a receipt for your 100% tax deductible donation.




Shane Warne Legacy Fund

The day before Shane's departure for Thailand, he expressed a desire to engage in charitable work within the field of brain research when he returned. Sadly, this dream was unable to be fulfilled by him personally, however his legacy lives on.

In honour of his wishes, Shane's family requested that, in place of flowers at his State Memorial, donations be made to The Florey, which led to the establishment of their very own "Shane Warne Legacy Fund” which has already raised over $54,000 for research.

The Florey, based in Melbourne, Australia, is a prominent brain research centre with a dedicated team of over 350 researchers. Their ongoing research focuses on more than 20 neurological and psychiatric conditions. 

To support Shane's wishes, donate direct to the "Shane Warne Legacy Fund" at The Florey. Click below to learn more.