Our partners possess a profound understanding of Shane's values, aspirations, and contributions to the world of cricket and philanthropy. This guarantees that Shane's Legacy is infused with the same passion, loyalty, and dedication that Shane embodied throughout his remarkable life.



Shane was well-acquainted with the media, collaborating with some of Australia's leading media organisations.
Our partners all have longstanding connections personally with Shane.

A special mention to Steve Crawley, Matt Weiss, Peter Blunden, Matt Kitchin and Chris Jones for the unwavering support you have provided to Shane throughout his journey in life. Your kindness and encouragement have made a significant difference, and we are truly grateful for your presence and assistance.


We express our heartfelt gratitude to the esteemed business partners, David Cochran, Rod Lamplugh and Clinton Plowman whom Shane trusted during his lifetime. Their commitment and support have played a pivotal role in assisting us as we strive to carry forward and amplify his enduring legacy.


We would like to express our gratitude to our first test team for the "Shane Warne Legacy Heart Check" campaign.

These partners share our passion and belief in making a significant impact
by supporting our initiative to provide a FREE 4-minute heart test.

Cricket Australia and the Shane Warne Legacy (SWL) will come together at the 2023 NRMA Insurance Boxing Day Test to tip their hat to ‘Warnie’ and raise awareness of heart health.  Free, Shane Warne Legacy Tests will be available in and around the MCG on days one to four of the Boxing Day Test.