SWL Test Match 1 - Boxing Day Coverage

The first initiative launched was the Shane Warne Legacy Heart Health Test kicking off during Melbourne’s Boxing Day Test at the MCG.

During the Boxing Day Test, 7,601 people took a Heart Heath Check, which equates to about 1-in-every-20 spectators. The feedback from the public was extremely positive with people rating the experience 9.2 out of ten.

“Thank you for the opportunity. I did the test with a childhood mate. We’ve been friends for 40 years and never had a conversation about our health and well-being. Doing the test was a catalyst for an open conversation about the positive results and areas of our diets and lifestyle that would lead to stronger health.”


“Even though my results were what I expected, actually seeing them has motivated me to eat better and exercise more consistently. Thanks to you all, especially the great man himself, Shane Warne’ 


‘Great set up very easy to use, what a wonderful way to promote better health, especially for men’


‘The simple procedure provided far more information than I anticipated’



The event received incredible media coverage, which included information about where people could get a check if they were unable to attend the Test match. As a result of the huge coverage, an additional 18,000 people went on to take a Shane Warne Legacy Test on the SiSU Health Stations in retail settings.


'The Shane Warne Legacy embodies Shane's ethos of giving back, represented by values like 'have a crack,' 'find a way,' and 'lift others.' It's about providing a leg up, a commitment echoed by the Shane Warne Legacy's initiative partnering with SiSUHealth to provide free heart screening tests to the everyday Australian. Through free resources and increased awareness, the Legacy aims to empower individuals to make informed choices about their health, ultimately striving to make a significant impact on heart health outcomes in Australia as was achieved during the successful Boxing Day Test joint initiative.


Director and CEO, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute


The results showed the strong impact the initiative is having.·     

One in three people screened discovered that they had high blood pressure.
50 per cent of people had their blood pressure measured for the first time in at least 12 months.

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